Marketing for the largest
coffee shop chain in Belarus
How I helped scale the self-service coffee shop franchise
(and we continue to grow by 20+ locations per month)
from 48 to 200 locations in 6 months
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Coffee Sound franchise
Coffee Sound is the largest coffee shop chain in Belarus, pioneering the country's first self-service cafes
Real milk, 100% Arabica, and fortunes at the bottom of the cup – the perfect concoction to claim the top spot in the market.
Self-service coffee shops represent a fresh concept, eliminating the need for baristas and putting an end to powdered milk vending machines!
These cafes handle everything – from brewing coffee to processing payments and drawing in customers – all on their own.
At the start of our collaboration with Spicy Media, the network boasted 48 coffee shops. In just six months of partnership, it skyrocketed to 200+ locations!
(and still growing)
Nikita Chakov
Founder Coffee Sound
Andrew Spicy
Founder Spicy Media
The company 'Coffee Sound' approached us with a request to scale up their 'Coffee Sound Express' coffee shops.

The goal is to solidify 'Coffee Sound' as the number one in terms of the quantity of open locations in Belarus and introduce entrepreneurs to this new business format.

The Challenge and the Goal:
I kicked things off with an analysis of both local and international self-service coffee shop markets. I delved into the marketing approaches of competitors in Russia, Switzerland, Dubai, and realized, we can do better.

We brainstormed several funnel options and crafted a sales plan (little did I know, expectations would be exceeded beyond belief).

Understanding the strengths of the 'Coffee Sound Express' company and product
What did the market takeover plan look like?
Examine what competitors are doing in a different market (there were no analogs in Belarus).
Launch paid traffic from Instagram and Facebook to the website.
Conduct extensive testing to find the most cost-effective advertising combination
Host a webinar for 200 attendees, achieving 15 sales.
Be amazed at the market's hunger for this product and conduct 6 more broadcasts with outstanding metrics.
Fine-tune amoCRM to perfection and master the art of filtering out cold leads without overwhelming the sales department
Savor the triumph of the fastest-growing coffee shop network in Belarus!
Crafting ad designs
Just take a look at how we went all out and put our heart into the layouts for the Facebook Ads and chatbots.

Each creative is meticulously crafted based on the pain points of the target audience.

Every creative is like a work of art...

We've given special attention to video advertising
We captured Nikita Chakov (the franchise founder) from every angle, showcasing brilliant offers, and put together a fun edit using CapCut.

The outcome – a bunch of cost-effective leads and a record-low cost per lead for franchise purchases (we even had to add more fields to the lead form just to filter out the lukewarm leads from those eager to buy right away)

A pivotal aspect of our strategy was the development of a webinar funnel.
Host a free live broadcast where the speaker discusses the product and offers enticing terms to potential partners

as a Sales Tool
Preparing for the webinar takes around 2 weeks of intense work. To ensure a successful broadcast, we need to:

  • Gather hundreds of registrations from Facebook ads
  • Create a clear landing page with event details
  • Warm up the audience with chatbots, emails, and SMS
  • Set up the webinar room on Bizon365
  • Configure the broadcast through OBS and YouTube
  • Lights, camera, microphone, and a million other details
A separate victory is the configured CRM integration.

We automated the participant journey through the funnel stages, enabling us to track each participant's path (watched to the end, didn't attend, didn't submit a request, etc.)

Conducting the Webinar
We pre-generated the layout and design of the presentation, set up the webinar room, prepared the audience for the legendary event (we recorded a record attendance of 57%).

We organized a mini studio right in the 'Coffee Sound' office.

During the webinar, I moderated the comments and supported the client during critical moments.

As part of the warm-up, we introduced a Telegram channel with notes from the founder of 'Coffee Sound.'

Users received practical experience, tips, and ideas for opening their own coffee shops directly from the business creator.

Мы заранее сгенерировали макет и дизайн презентации, организовали вебинарную комнату, подготовили аудиторию
к легендарному событию
(мы зафиксировали рекордную доходимость 57%)

Организовали мини-студию прямо
в офисе “Кофе Саунд”

Во время проведения вебинара я проводил модерацию комментариев и поддерживал заказчика в его ответственный момент.
Oh, the things we've tested! Ad layouts, websites, quizzes, chatbots, fonts... Just imagine, we tested 11 landing pages for the webinar to identify which headline would result in higher conversions.

We set up an A/B test, creating 11 variations of pages with different headlines, and the same goes for ad creatives.

All of this is done to make the ads more cost-effective, hitting the pain points of the audience precisely

A/B Testing as a Key Success Factor
The most important thing in a webinar
is to offer an irresistible deal.

We have set up prepayment buttons + bonus incentives
Integration of payment systems and webinar buttons
Exclusive gifts with nice branding and a free consultation with the brand creator were prepared for active webinar participants.

After the first webinar, we received requests for personal consultations from 79% of participants.

So, for all subsequent webinars, we decided to simply invite the most engaged customers to the office for a tour and collect prepayments on the spot

Presentation and bonuses
Самое важное на вебинаре – дать такой оффер на рекламу на покупку, от которого нельзя отказаться.

Мы организовали появления кнопок на предоплату + получение бонусов.
Coffee Sound has become the fastest-growing coffee shop network in Belarus!
The network has grown 3.5 times in just six months of collaboration!
In November, Nikita reported that the 200th self-service coffee shop has been installed in the network!
The Achievements of the 'Coffee Sound'
and Spicy Media Team
Thanks to the Coffee Sound's Company team for collaboration!
Достижения команды
“Кофе САунд” и
spicy Media
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