The problem
A creative studio in Los Angeles needs a website for a/b-testing. The client does not plan to make promotion in the search engines. He needs a clear and at the same time unusual website to set up advertising on Facebook and Google Ads.
The client gave us complete freedom of imagination and asked us to make "Just a bright and unusual website for Los Angeles" and we at Spicy Media accepted his challenge!
The situation
At the time of the client's request, he had a working team of experienced professionals, a database of satisfied customers and a desire to scale the services of his team not only through word of mouth, but also through the Internet.

Development time: 30 days
Integration forms with email

The customer approached us with a request to create a modern and high-conversion agency website that:
Creating a text layout of the site.
Creating site design layout in
Makeup of the site on no-code CMS.
Solution and implementation
In our work we decided to use No-code platform to reduce the cost of site development and accelerate.

Tilda allows us not to involve developers in the creation of the site, which reduces the cost of its production. It is a great solution for hypothesis testing and MVP creation.
Typography and color
The result is a stylish and highly convertible website with a post-modern design. The results of the test run showed that the site's conversion rate increased by 7%

Final step was the layout on the CMS Tilda Publishing, connecting the CRM-system, testing for bugs.
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