Get ready for an exciting journey as we delve into the case study of how we crafted and launched a brand-new course, igniting initial sales for Amazon industry experts!
Engaged by the client, we undertook the strategic task of redefining their existing course and pioneering its debut sales campaign. At project commencement, the client's assets were limited, encompassing solely a curriculum outline and a nascent grasp of sales strategies.
Target Audience:
Our focus is on Russian-speaking immigrants who have chosen to make their home in the USA or various European countries. Our offerings are tailored to both men and women aged 23 and above, ensuring a comprehensive reach within this dynamic demographic.
Strategy :
Based on our thorough market research, we strategically opted for a webinar marketing funnel. This approach offers a swift and efficient method to attract the initial audience for the course, providing a seamless path to engagement and enrollment.
Audience Research and Analysis
Product Packaging (Design and Content)
Pre-warming and Sales Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Webinar Direction and Technical Support
Crafting Added Value for Participants (Bonuses, Checklists, etc.)
Traffic Channel Identification
Payment System Integration
Course Launch Support
We embarked on a unique path by differentiating ourselves from competitors. While our counterparts stick to uniform courses in Amazon's corporate colors, we opted to create our own distinct branding.
Our proprietary course promotion strategy involves the use of a "Webinar Funnel." We directed traffic from Facebook and Instagram to a carefully crafted website designed in our signature style. Each headline and description was meticulously structured to create a persuasive narrative, compelling users to register for the webinar.
This approach maximized engagement and registration rates, setting the stage for a successful marketing journey.
Introducing the course "Amazonius," wrapped in the iconic colors of the Matrix movie, setting us apart in a sea of familiarity.
Please take note of the post-registration thank you page, where the application data seamlessly flowed into our Kommo CRM system. Additionally, users were prompted to enhance their registration experience by transitioning to a messaging platform for further engagement.
After guiding users to the chatbot interface, we orchestrated
a 5-day immersion phase preceding the live webinar experience.
Throughout this span, we curated and disseminated compelling content, intricately designed to stoke anticipation and deepen engagement with the imminent webinar. Our strategic approach aimed to forge robust connections with prospective clients, offering them a wealth of enriching insights along the journey.
Our webinar took place on the Bizon365 platform, a versatile space that we harnessed for its code customization capabilities. The preparation for this pivotal event spanned over 5 intensive hours, during which we meticulously crafted a presentation from scratch for our speakers.
Equipping them with essential broadcasting skills, we programmed the virtual room to ensure seamless interaction and a dynamic session.
As part of our warming strategy, we introduced a communal chat where approximately every third webinar participant joined. Users engaged in discussions, sharing insights about the course, lessons, and their endeavors related to Amazon USA.
We invested substantial effort into designing and conceptualizing the presentation and bonuses for the participants. This aspect alone demanded over 10 hours of dedicated work, resulting in a flawless presentation with a persuasive structure and a captivating style!
The initial phase of marketing in any project should always be research-intensive. We conducted comprehensive A/B testing on every aspect: advertising campaigns, ad copy, and landing pages.
Following the development of our pricing strategy, we meticulously set up our payment systems. This was a significant endeavor in itself.
By seamlessly integrating the Stripe payment gateway, we ensured participants could effortlessly make payments in real-time. Additionally, we implemented installment plans to enhance conversion rates and provide flexible payment options (Klarna, Affirm, Cherry)
Rigorous experimentation was executed, culminating in the discovery of winning amalgamations that yielded registrations as economical as $1-2.
Fine-tuning and steering the flow of social media traffic is undeniably the zenith of intricacy within our journey.
It's imperative to highlight that the detailed results of our testing, along with our astute advertising methodologies, remain exclusively within the purview of our esteemed client and cannot be divulged by our agency.
In the span of 1.5 months, our efforts culminated in the successful execution of two impactful webinars, along with the inaugural launch of our inaugural course cohort. While confidentiality constraints restrict us from revealing exhaustive details, here are pivotal insights that exemplify our campaign's prowess:
Ad expenditures are rendered fully profitable, boasting an exceptional 600-900% return on investment per webinar.
Our lead-to-attendance conversion surpasses the 40% benchmark.
An approximate 15% conversion rate from online engagement to purchase underscores our effectiveness.
The integration of installment payment programs effectively doubled our conversion rate.
Notably, the pinnacle achievement is the transformation of our speakers, who confidently embraced public speaking, fostering unprecedented brand recognition. This momentous triumph signifies not only a significant breakthrough for business but also an enriching personal growth journey.
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